Ban The Not So Civic Protests!!

  • 26 Feb 2020


Ban The Not So Civic Protests!!

I have been pondering about this for a while. Considering India is an electoral democracy with a judiciary branch independent of executive and polity, considering that India is not a majority referendum based system, considering everything is governed by this book called the Constitution of India which provides and guarantees equality for all, isn’t the concept of civic protests illegal or against the basic nature of constitution??

Isn’t the right answer for any law related disagreement to approach judiciary? Are we letting things go awry by the freedom to protest that is provided specifically in cases where it causes damage to or disrupts the rights of others? Doesn’t every civic (not civil) protest say that you don’t believe in the democracy of the country and are actually calling for a civil war? How such protests can hamper people who want to live there life peacefully is just beyond me and the fact that our machinery tolerates (rather encourages this is mind baffling).

Government need to use a heavy hand to deal with all such sources (anti or for whatever and whenever). The most important job of a democracy has to be to provide comfort living for its people. Anything that disrupts it has to be dealt with strongly. I, for one, am against any sort of civic protest. Between the legislative, the executive and the judiciary branch, things have to be sorted. Anyone supporting whatever is happening right now is essentially calling for a civil war. Are you?? The day we lose trust on our democratic system, lets have a civil war to overthrow them all.