Be brave. Fight. Win. Sushant’s suicide is the wrong way to go

  • 21 Jun 2020


Be brave. Fight. Win. Sushant’s suicide is the wrong way to go

Let’s not tell our kids that what Sushant Singh Rajput did was right or that he was the victim of nepotism. Let’s teach our kids that all sorts of challenges (nepotism and much worse) may happen in every industry but they gotta fight it out. Suicide is quitting the game. HE WAS WRONG IN CHOOSING SUICIDE. Chemical imbalance and all I get but it doesn’t make it right. At least justification of victimisation being put out is totally ridiculous.

BTW, Abhay Deol says he is discriminated against, its called old boys club, not nepotism. And it is everywhere. I remember not getting much business in this town since when I started since I didn’t suck up (money or otherwise) to the similar people in my industry. Not a great success yet but I have settled in well. I try to enjoy every moment of that challenge and fight, even today. That’s how the game has to be played. The other option is to set yourself lower targets and satisfy with what comes your way.

For those who have read my previous blogs around suicide, I am still not against suicide. It’s a choice people can and should make when they consider themselves totally redundant or useless. Not when they have chemical imbalance but when they are totally sane. In fact, I would like to live believing that day comes some day for me and I choose it. Absolutely not in a hurry to get there, but choosing the time when you are fulfilled and think you don’t want to go ahead anymore. That will be amazing. 🙂