Kapil Gupta

Jack of all trades and master of some

Mental health activist



Hey there! I'm Kapil Gupta, and guess what? I'm not your typical suit-and-tie entrepreneur. Nope, I'm more like the "shorts-and-t-shirt while brainstorming world-changing ideas" kind of guy.

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I'm the Captain of Many Ships

They say I'm a parallel entrepreneur, which basically means I've got my fingers in various pies. Here's the rundown:

Mental wellness is my latest passion project. Because, let's face it, happy minds create happy revolutions.

We're all about digital marketing, but we do it with a twist. Think of us as the spice in your digital curry.

A COVID innovation, pragatiE is a virtual exhibitions platform that helps organisations take their events on the cloud.

A newsportal for the publishing industry. Ever wondered what's happening in the world of books? This portal has the scoop.

Who I am
Here is a little more about me!

Join Me on This Wild Ride

So, here's the deal: Dive into my world, explore, laugh a little, maybe even argue a bit (I love a good debate), and leave with a smile. Together, we'll challenge the norms and maybe even make a difference.

Warning : This website might just make you think, laugh, and want to join the fun.