About Me
Transforming mental health into universal human right

My name is Kapil Gupta, I truly believe that everyone can find happiness in their current circumstances and possesses the power to change their life. With this belief in mind, I have been passionately exploring the mental wellness space and am the driving force behind Solh. I consider myself an entrepreneur, both in thought and style, and I firmly believe that the power of a message and its delivery can spark true revolutions. I've applied this philosophy to my professional endeavors as well as my social advocacy activities.

I like to think of myself as a parallel entrepreneur who strives to imbue genuine meaning into the various organizations I establish, all while ensuring they work in harmony with each other. I often jokingly call myself the jack of all trades and a master of some. My fundamental belief is that happiness is self-generated and not dependent on one's surroundings or circumstances. Despite my corporate success, I lead a simple life and maintain clarity of thought. I am driven by a deep desire to understand the nuances of our social construct, and this understanding underpins all my business ventures.

In my pursuit of new-age equality, I am committed to providing equal opportunities to all. I believe that the current concept of equality, rife with personal benefits like subsidies, reservations, and special privileges based on gender, LGBTQ status, religion, race, caste, or region, is outdated. To achieve true equality, everyone must be treated equally, no exceptions. This perspective has often put me at odds with what I see as the current wave of pseudo-feminists, pseudo-liberals, and pseudo-social activists.

I share the dream of a better India, and I have outlined concrete steps to turn this dream into reality. As a budding author, I recently launched my first book, "India Vision – New Age Equality," drawing from my decade of experience living in the US and working in various facets of India's corporate, startup, and political landscape. The book quickly became an Amazon #1 bestseller within 15 days of its launch and was hailed as an unfiltered and apolitical vision for India's future.

I am frequently sought after as a speaker on digital marketing for social change and have had the privilege of addressing various conferences, including SMX Singapore, Social India Conference, OSI Days, Engage2012, OMCAR, and more. Additionally, I have appeared as a commentator on TV, discussing topics related to social media for social change and foreign affairs on platforms such as Republic TV, CNBC Awaaz, and BBC World.