In My Head

‘In My Head’ is an attempt to consolidate all that I have learnt and unlearned over the last few years as I have delved deeper in the area of mental wellness. My aim in writing this book is to provide a comprehensive guide to mental wellness. I want to demystify and simplify the concept, breaking it down in a way that makes it accessible to the general population.

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The Story Behind My Book -

Working in the area of mental health was never something I had planned on pursuing. In fact, since adulthood people have always perceived me as someone with lesser emotions and someone slightly devoid of understanding the depths of stress, anxiety and sadness. While I have found some of this arguable (not that I have argued for them to take me as an emotional person), in reality even I have always found it difficult to understand the pressures that people seem to reflect. I could never lose my sleep over anything or get so depressed that I couldn't laugh or go about my day normally. Upon extensive soul-searching I identified that I have created a new system of gamification for myself, where I can play anything in life as a game (even the question of life-death). Well, more on this at a later point. Let's get back to the topic of the book here.

Story behind the cover -

Coming from a marketing agency background, I could handle creatives and design for anyone but deciding the best cover for my book was a challenge. We developed four options and opened them up for public voting to get a perspective. Here is the one we selected, which everyone thinks represents the book best! Between you and me, it's the one that I loved the most since the beginning too.