Clear your Mind. Find Happiness in Chaos. Seek Solh Within. The name ‘Solh’ has its origin in the Farsi language, meaning ‘peace’. Amid a life filled with conflicting thoughts, and unsettling emotions, we are all seeking a moment of peace.

OMLogic is a digital communications agency that is the brainchild of Kapil and his first entrepreneurial venture. A 14 year young setup, OMLogic has scaled from a 3 people company back in the 2000s to a decently sized 70 people setup in 2021.

FrontList is a newsportal for the publishing industry. If you are a creator, publisher, seller, provider or reader of the published world, this destination is a must for you to know the world around you, with an Indian perspective.

A COVID innovation, pragatiE is a virtual exhibitions platform that helps organisations take their events on the cloud. It is a 360° immersive setup that gives you the feel of a real event.