3 Years Of The Modi Government: Impressive Words Or Effective Actions

3 Years Of The Modi Government: Impressive Words Or Effective Actions

May 29, 2017 0

​Let me begin by congratulating Narendra Modi and the NDA government for successfully completing 3 years. I am extremely glad that things in India are much better in 3 years than the 3 months of the newly elected US government.

Even the staunchest opposition to Narendra Modi and the current government will agree that his ability to connect with the masses is strong and effective. The working of the government is a miracle at best and a very well run marketing machine at the worst. This is where closer analysis need to be done.

This government so far has much lesser serious scams, though a lot​ more newsable discussions.

Everything from intolerance to cow-slaughter to caste/religion and other aspects have kept this government on its feet and points to a less than effective control.

My view on this government is a mixed response. Before I give my verdict in more detail, let me first point a few usually missed aspects.

  • A government, in any country, way, shape or form is never a positive influence for change. A government can merely act as not an inhibitor to progress and that’s the best it can achieve.
  • The government comes up with policies mostly consistent from one party to the other. It’s only in its enablement or removing hindrances from execution that causes true work to happen.
  • Any societal change is a huge change and its results take years to show. An evaluation of any initiative is purely people’s personal sample set, which is usually not enough. You saw a place that had garbage earlier and now doesn’t, Swacchh Bharat is successful, else it is not!
  • Statistics is an extremely inaccurate science. It’s purely based on the numbers you choose to use. I can use a statistical model to show I am the most good looking guy in Delhi if only I add 4-5 more conditions to it (who runs a digital marketing company based in CP and is 35+ and has spent a decade in US).
  • Most information we get to see as normal people is biased, politically motivated and paid for. YES. BELIEVE ME. I am part of the industry. 🙂

Having said this, let me now move on to my verdict:

While I think the government has its heart in the right place, it perhaps lacks the skills to execute. My major issue with this government is based on the following:

  • Over-governance: In pre-poll campaigns, Modi ji had talked about minimum governance, which I loved. The truth is the exact opposite. The government, in its zeal to be part of the change, is getting in people’s shorts about everything. And that is bad news!
  • Much higher spieling compared to actual action on the ground: I am not saying zero action but the promises are far higher.
  • Still promoting mediocrity: The reservation-based, caste-based, religion-based system needs to transform into a more meritocracy based system. Stop with vote based policies and for once, take true action.

The above issues notwithstanding, everything from a Swacchh Bharat to a Demonetization to a Make in India to other policies, if done right will help push India in the right direction.

Net-net, still a supporter, but much more cautious. Getting bit impatient but still standing with the development changes in the hope of better execution and less government control.

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