May 9, 2017

10 years, No Regrets

Today is reality day. 9th May. It has a very significant presence in my life. It’s the day when I decided on calling my new venture OMLogic. A company that has become a part of my life bigger than anything could ever be. OMLogic, the name, completes a decade of being, and its certainly time to reminisce. I still keep getting asked, mostly by people who find my decision disappointing and confusing, as to why I decided to move back to India. And I have given multiple different answers to them based on who was asking the question. Entrepreneurship bug, parents, Delhi life, kids are top amongst a list of 10 answers.

I have asked this question to myself numerous times and can say for sure none of them is true. So, why did I move back. Well, because I was bored. There, you have it!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful career. I was on fast path to leadership in IBM, salary more than most of my compatriots, house up on the hill and everything set right. But it all didn’t seem enough.

I guess I love the entropy, the chaos, the unknown, the change from the norm. One thing I can say about the move back to India is, 10 years, no regrets. Sure I would done some things differently (like choosing different partners to start the company with or ensuring I don’t take some of the ass-holes as customers which I did but overall…10 years, no regrets.Continue Reading