All that is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal

February 16, 2014 2

I had written in December about the power of common man and had very categorically mentioned that this isn’t about Kejriwal. This was the rise of the common man. And 60 days from then, I am sad to say I was right.

Arvind-KejriwalWhen AAP came to power in Dec 2013, there was anxiousness all around. No one (including his best supporters and best detractors). Nobody knew how they will perform. Nobody knew what all they will be able to do.

It wasn’t only because this was very different that all governments we had seen before. It was partly because of their lack of governance experience. It was partly because of their reliance on other parties in formulating the government.

Lets look more deeply to see what is actually wrong (For the purposes of this I will assume that Kejriwal has the right intentions and is looking for positive changes).

The entire government machinery works through 4 pillars – elected representatives who create laws (ministers), bureaucrats who run the system using those laws (government department), police who identifies anomalies (law and order) and judiciary who reprimands the anomalies. My fundamental problem with Kejriwal is that he has convinced all of us and still maintains that all 4 in this country are corrupt. By no means am I saying this inference is wrong. But that can only work if you remain an activity forever and continue to challenge the system.

If you want to be part of the system and actually make some change, you need to choose which one of these 4 you will trust and move initiative by initiative. A system can be challenged from the outside (as an activist), while the system can only be changed from the inside (by working within the limitations of the system).

Kejriwal has shown no keenness to be part of the system and make change. In some ways all I have heard him say is trust no one but me and trust me with everything you have. Didn’t Delhi trust him by giving him such amazing response in the elections. I think now it is his turn to first convince that our trust is not misplaced and then only ask for more.

I am extremely concerned if Kejriwal (and AAP) has the right mindset to govern?  They seem to still be activists. My suggestion to Kejriwal is to take back the resignation (go do his sabhas to decide if need be) and give us some positive changes. Don’t worry about Jan Lokpal or gaining control over Delhi Police. Focus first on smaller things which will make our life easier.  Things that the Delhi CM can do. I don’t want to listen about the things Delhi CM can’t do.

In my next blog, I will talk about the other side of my hypothesis. Analysis assuming Kejriwal is hungry for power and that’s the game he is playing. Will love to hear your thoughts on this and your inputs for the next post.

2 comments on “All that is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal
  1. Amit Sharma

    Interesting views. Fair to say we are still trying to decode what has happened with the Kejriwal episode..

    February 16, 2014 Reply
  2. akanksha

    Personally, i think kejriwal is all talk and no work. He’s become too ambitious and over confident.

    February 18, 2014 Reply
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