Capital punishment- It got me thinking!

Capital punishment- It got me thinking!

August 29, 2015 0

What is this fascination people have with living longer? For themselves and for others!

Being alive and enjoying every moment of it, Yes, I am all for it. That’s what I try to do always. But why longer?

The entire debate around capital punishment got me thinking. Let me make it very clear for everyone that knows me. If I ever do something for which I should be punished and the choice is between death sentence and life, I will take death sentence anyday.

If I ever get sick or something is to happen and I am vegitating with no chance of getting better, please pull the plug. If the chances are thin, still, please pull the plug.

I request, for the sake of humanity I request, please abolish life imprisonment. It is cruel. The thought of having someone suffer for a long / long time, it just freaks me out. Capital punishment is better. Its comforting. It takes away the pain and the suffering.

Isn’t one of the great joys of life thinking about what’s on the other side. I am in no rush, but I sure am excited. 🙂

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