Collaborative Ecosystem: Win-Win For All

Collaborative Ecosystem: Win-Win For All

January 11, 2017 0

Imagine this: The real estate builders in Noida pool funds to create a social media campaign comparing the market space in Noida and Gurgaon to get the price difference between the markets bridged a little.

The impact: The real estate game changes forever!

Digital has not only broken down the barriers between countries and people, it has also broken down the barriers between brands. Collaborative ecosystem is the ability of a brand to be able to spend least amount of money and leverage the impact a different brand is creating and hence getting better ROI. Over the last few years, brands have been doing it with topical events. The focus now will be combining impact with multiple brands.

Following are some major themes that are driving this change:

• Customers value brands that have a larger than life persona.

• With advertising moving into story telling, this brand integration on digital is bound to take over.

• The art of surrogate introduction of brands and products on digital is on an all time high.

Collaboration with competitors is an absolute No-No in the mainline advertising industry and hence the same extended itself to digital when it all started. But digital is changing. 2016 saw minor glimpses of it, but 2017 will put an end to closed competitive economies. The coming year, we foresee brands going bold and fresh in their approach and embracing the concept of collaborative ecosystem.

This will allow them to package their overall content marketing initiatives in a new light. “It is all about creating collaborative ecosystems. Win-win for all involved!” – this will become the mantra for 2017. The one space that has leveraged this concept well is the big old, Television. From celebrity integration to cameos, this space looks like a pretty happy frame of Modern Family! Come 2017 and brands and businesses across will move towards this.

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