#FeekiWaaliDiwali – Colorless Diwali

#FeekiWaaliDiwali – Colorless Diwali

October 17, 2017 0

It’s the biggest festival of India. Its what binds everyone together. Its one of the few things that transcends above caste, region, gender and believe it or not, even religion.

For years we have rejoiced the festival of Diwali like nothing else. But 2017 is different. The lackluster marketplaces, the missing euphoria, the reduced lighting, the dull scene all around, it is getting depressing.

In this madness of the fight between left and right wing, the social media conversations that seem to have taken over everything, we seem to not be paying attention to perhaps the best indicator of the economy, the sentiment and purchasing and mood during the festival season.

I haven’t seen major jams yet. I have traveled metro from Connaught Place to Kashmere Gate (perhaps the most agonizing rides anyone could ever take) on a Monday evening at 7pm, and could muster a seat. A look at the deserted roads and you know something is amiss.

Is this the delayed impact of demonetization? Are businesses still struggling with this tax reform we lovingly call GST? Is this simply no fire-crackers in Delhi? I don’t have full visibility on the political, economic, social and other reasons behind it, but sure seems like a happiness downtrend for everyone around.

And its worrisome. Points to tougher times ahead. For now, lets just relax and enjoy the next 2 days.

Wishing everyone a loving and fun-filled Diwali! We, at OMLogic will be celebrating tonite and tomorrow.