History is for us to learn, not judge!

History is for us to learn, not judge!

September 29, 2018 0

George Washington had 100’s of human slaves. Blacks that were part of his property. Yet, he is one of the most renowned libertarians of all time. Yet, he is one of the founding fathers of the place we know as United States of America.

Here, locally in India, I used to jump traffic lights when I was in college. I don’t anymore. It was illegal then and it is illegal now. However, it was socially acceptable then and it is much less so now. Some other stuff I have done in that age may now be considered downright filthy but I am not ashamed of it. It was me back then and it doesn’t take away anything from what I am and what I do now.

History is for us to learn, not judge. What people did years back was the world order (at least the local order where they were) back then. It may be considered absolutely wrong (socially, morally, ethically, legally) now but it was passable then.

This is especially true for women empowerment related aspects of our lives. While we need to change everything, I consider it absolutely wrong for people to judge other people based on the past. There is a separate day when we will talk about those women who used sexual favors to move their careers forward and are now calling them as sexual assaults.

PS: 100 years from now, petting dogs inside in a leash or behind closed doors will be considered absolutely immoral. How could you devoid him of his freedom. That shouldn’t make the current dog owners be treated with disdain then. They did what was socially or morally or ethically or legally acceptable at the time they lived.