India To The World, launching on 15th August

September 1, 2021 0

In order to be “Atma Nirbhar ” India should have a competitive edge in its production at the Global Market. Otherwise why would anybody bother buying Indian products?
Not everyone is being force fed nationalism!

India To The World is an opportunity for us to take everything that India offers & put it out there in the world.
It is a chance to tell the world what the world can take from India, and what all India can give. With this launch, we are going out to the world to increase Indian’s availability in trade, commerce and everything within the business horizon.

We will do exhibitions for 75 days at ITW, starting from 15th August 2021 to celebrate 75th Independence Day.
At the exhibitions, you can shop handcrafts, technology, agriculture, educational, tourism, etc. products & services.
Join us on the launch!