Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Defamation Case – An Objective Opinion

Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Defamation Case – An Objective Opinion

June 9, 2022 0

It’s been a week since the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation lawsuit concluded in Depp’s favour and penalised Heard with $15 million for the same. The case has made headlines over the months and has reigned as the most trending topic on social media. From Twitter and Facebook memes to TikTok disses, the people’s court had already decided who was right and who was the abuser. Heard’s statements were mocked, her every move was over-analyzed by specialist psychologists, and millions of people took their life’s anguish out on the Aquaman star, proving her to be an unstable, abusive narcissist.

Ever since her Op-ed about how she was the herald of abuse survivors, the public has been divided between feminists who jumped on the bandwagon of the #MeToo movement and the right-winged men’s rights activists who have left no stone unturned to harass anyone associated with Heard’s defence team. The public had their fun twisting and turning on both sides, but it was evident who they had eventually picked as the evidence of Depp’s claims had come to light. Even before the final decision was made, Depp was declared the underdog survivor of abuse, while Heard was portrayed as an emotionless, cunning deviant who did everything just to raise her internet clout.

But, coming back to the real world with actual functioning adults, we must stop drowning ourselves in emotions and past cases and look at this case as a battle between two psychologically twisted individuals who fell out of love, were late to part and couldn’t escape each other’s ugliness. Before we form an opinion, we must examine both Depp’s melancholy and alcohol-related outbursts and Heard’s compulsive liar tendencies. Even though it is quite obvious that the public will jump on any chance to choose sides by either idolising or demonising their chosen person, we, as individuals, must base our opinions on facts and shouldn’t be so fast in casting down an actual human being just because of their faults.We must not condemn one other for our weaknesses, but rather laud each other for our strengths.

However, once the die of the public tsunami is rolled, it is hard to recover anything from the wreckage. Both Johnny and Amber have suffered as a result of the trial, and any studio that casts them again will not just be making a talent decision but also a political one. Many op-eds have already appeared, citing the court’s decision as a deep gash on the #MeToo movement that might silence many abused women from coming forth, while on the other hand, it is a step toward real recognition to men who have been abused and falsely accused due to some women misusing the feminist movement for the same.

I identify myself as a proponent of equality, and I believe that one case does not and cannot define a movement like equality in any way, shape, or form. However, it does highlight the public’s animalistic tendency of judging things as black and white or one and done. We know that the majority of these folks haven’t even taken a chance of looking at things from multiple perspectives or scrutinising the issue with a keen eye for emotion and logic. We know that most of these people already had their opinions and had chosen their Avatars by backing up the emergence of either of the movements. We all know that most people’s perspectives are skewed because of their background, gender, or ethnicity. Finally, we are fully aware that most of these people despise the people in the limelight as much as they idolise them, and if they seem even the slightest bit far from perfect, they are tossed aside like last month’s special highlighted event.

However, as free thinkers, we must present a more objective view of the world. We must see humans as humans and understand that no one, not even the heinous criminal, deserves the monumental hatred that comes with mob mentality. We are the people who give birth to saints and sinners, to winners and losers, to health and toxicity. So, shouldn’t it also be our responsibility to save those who slip through the cracks of society and have nothing but a pall of darkness to shield them? Is it not our duty as the public to look at individuals as our children and treat them as we would treat our progenies? We are mankind, and our decisions in this vital time will shape the next many centuries. We can either finally grow up and treat all our cousins as our own, or we can perish in the nihilistic flames we set to satiate our carnal desires. The choice to bring true equality is up to us. Will you make the right one or go down without a whimper in the silence of the night?

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