Liz Truss: The Prime Minister with a Catch-22

Liz Truss: The Prime Minister with a Catch-22

September 8, 2022 0

So, I was right about Rishi Sunak. History repeated itself and the candidate that was ahead in the primary finally lost the race to Lizz Truss, a woman of many words and a circular logic. Now the Tory Government has lost its position, echoes of change are amplifying in the country.

However, the UK is currently going through its worst inflation in more than three decades, energy prices are going over the roof while the threat of winter looms over thousands of families trying to survive in the post pandemic hellhole that is our economy. Housing prices have grown so exponentially that wage rises are no longer able to counteract their impact. So, an average family has to make a decision of either paying rent or paying for energy as the environment gets colder and colder. Reports have already predicted a rapid rise of homelessnes, higher demand for food banks and hundreds of deaths that will occur due to people being exposed to the harsh britain winter.

When Ms. Truss made her acceptance speech, it was pouring heavily on Downing Street. Perhaps the Gods are signaling the echoing rain that will continuously follow this new administration. Even though Ms.Truss is not a curator and speech is not her strongest suit, she did make several promises that I am not sure she will be able to keep. Firstly, she promised to deal with the energy crises, which will take billions out of the taxpayer’s money to provide the necessary subsidy to the thousands of residents who are at the risk of dying if not helped. Secondly, she promised to take care of the housing crises as well the inflation that will predictably lead to a slow recession. And Thirdly, she has promised to lower the taxes for the people.

Now, I am no economist, but I know for sure that she simply cannot meet all of her promises. I will actually be surprised if she is able to meet even a single one before her term is through. She did not win the popular vote and as per her given plans, none seem to be complete or be based on realistic thinking that the country truly needs. The North Ireland issue is also rearing its ugly head while Ms. Truss makes her rain soaked speech.

However, her international relationship seems to be at a good start as she spoke to both Zelensky (assuring Ukraine of UK’s full support) and with Biden (Strengthening the relationship after Trump). But big promises and international conversations aren’t going to save her from what’s happening internally in the country.

I will refrain from making any predictions as of now as there are way too many components that are playing in the UK political theater. Rampant chaos may be imminent as the economists and scientists have warned. Or perhaps Ms. Truss will surprise us all and deal with every single problem ailing Great Britain. Let’s take some time to see her perform and come back to her when the current possibilities are met or failed. The result may come much sooner than we expect.