Ranveer Singh Nudes: A scandal or expression?

Ranveer Singh Nudes: A scandal or expression?

July 27, 2022 0

Who would have known that the land of Kama-sutra will chastise an actor from posing nude and sharing with his own adoring masses?

It is hard time for India to take a closer look at the mirror and change their hypocritical ways. We can’t be a nation that denies sex and sexuality in the name of religion and tradition while also being one of the most sexually active countries in the world. There’s a reason why there are so many of us and it isn’t the ‘Bhakti’.

We must come to terms with the fact that if we are to define ourselves as a country of prosperity, growth, diversity and culture then we must change with the times. Just like we have had to do for centuries now. There was a time when India was sexually liberal and it was taken from us by our incresingly Abhrahamic and Vistorian conqurers. They have ingrained this type of toxicity in us in such a way that now we defend it in the name of our own culture and not something that we had adapted to.

Regardless of the fact, the people who are now bashing Ranveer Singh for posing nude have no basis or argument to raise against him. Firstly, he hasn’t breached any modesty policies as he hasn’t advertised his nudes in public. Secondly, he only posted it on his instagram handles for the people who follow him, so if people have a problem with what he is posting then they can simply stop looking at it. Why is this even a problem? Does this give us the right from stopping them from being homophobic, xenophobic and generally tone-deaf on their social media?

Most of these people are the same ones who ask for ‘Bobs’ and ‘Vagene’ from instagram models, now that a man has done it, it’s a breach of women’s modesty? What type of moronic narcissistic chauvinistic hypocritical standard is this? And what does this tell us about people’s mentality in our country today?

We just sensationalized a man’s attempt to challenge toxic masculinity and showcase manliness in gender-fluid ways and mocked it for being provocative and destructive in nature. However, the truth is far from what can initially be perceived. They are not challenging the man but fluidity of sexuality in general. Most of these people are still shrouded by the idea of a man or woman’s traditional status in the world. Man is supposed to be rigid, emotionless, strong and above any such displays of flamboyance while the woman is supposed to be timid and submissive in femine ways. They genuinely believe that any diversion from this toxic standard is a personal attack to them and their way of being.

We can debate about the place of LGBTQA in our society but unless we accept sex and sexuality in our society as a fact of life and not a taboo, nothing will ever change. They do this to separate us from animals and somehow sex in their eyes is beneath the children of their God. However, it is okay if they do it but it is wrong when others express themselves or even show affection in front of them. Because that is blasphemy! How can you remove your clothes when you can clearly see that I am disgusted by it and it offends my god and culture? No matter if I even have an inkling of understanding of any of them, I still will be offended and fight you as if you’re an abomination of nature itself.

The truth is, every expression is a scandal in the eyes of people like that because at the end of the day they want all of us to be nothing more than puppets for their power machine. We are not supposed to have thoughts deviating from the prescribed ones, no life outside the ideal one and no questions to the answers we already have. The world is rigid and in fact it should go back to the good old days. Which one and when you ask? You know, Rama-rajya. What do you mean Kama-sutra comes from that time?