Social Media – The Cause & The Solution Of Depression

Social Media – The Cause & The Solution Of Depression

April 7, 2017 0

Today is World Health Day and the ​theme is “Depression: Let’s talk!”

It seems like everyone is suffering from depression these days (even the economy, the society, the morals and the ethics). But this blog is not to discuss any of these subjects.

I want to talk about the changing nature of the world and what I think are the larger aspects of this thing called depression.

What is depression? Under most circumstances it is the unwillingness (not the inability) to do something by the right side of the brain which the left side of the brain thinks is a must do. In that sense, usually it is a disease of the riches. It comes from a pressure of expectations (not of survival, rather societal pressures of failure in a very superficial manner.)

The reasons are manifold, but I prima facie want to boil it down to the inability of people to be able to talk things out. It’s the loneliness and the feeling of having no one around in a crowded world that kicks depression in.

Hence, I call social media as a fundamental cause of depression in the world. We spend more time in superficial interactions with people than in building meaningful relationships. Relationships where you could really discuss who you are! A gentle shoulder rub or a hand held or just a pat on the back by someone you associate with goes a long way in taking care of the imbalanced Thyroid and Cortisol in your body. We need to make a promise to ourselves to not let social media bog down our social lives. Take some time out to go meet with people, develop a connect and live life!

Also, if used properly, social is also the place where you can find that solace, that company you are looking for. So, promise yourselves to try and be more sympathetic, empathetic and less of a troll. Be real and not made-up.

Last, but not the least, get off your butt and take action. For once in your life, let the left side dominate the right! 🙂

Be happy, be fun and no – there is no such thing as depression!!!

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