Suicide and what it means -Kapil Gupta

Suicide and what it means -Kapil Gupta

October 10, 2019 0

Life is built on one basic principle – the extension and longevity of life itself. Every organism, every cell, everything is built with this one hardcoded algorithm.

In extreme cases such as where adrenaline takes over or where we have a brain freeze moment, the algorithm may reverse itself. 

The only two other true facts important for any organism are better mate & better food. Longevity of the organism is the basic trait that governs reproduction. If a cell knows itself to be immortal, it may just cease to multiply or reproduce.

Knowing that to be the case, why is suicide considered to be a cowardly act? Why are we taught from childhood that suicide is dastardly? Shouldn’t it be considered perhaps the most courageous human act? Shouldn’t there be pro-death movement for end of life similar to the pro-life movement?

I understand that sometimes the emotion of suicide may come from a chemical imbalance and that does need to be checked. Please note I am not talking about Euthanasia for terminally ill only. Those struggling from irrecoverable diseases, in extreme pain all day, knowing they have no reason to be here – they absolutely should have the right to death (what is covered under the definition of passive and active Euthanasia). 

I am talking about everyone! I am talking about driven people like myself. For me, I would like to look at my life in a meaningful way on an ongoing basis and decide when it has no further meaning. At that point, I should have a choice on whether I want to continue or quit the game. And if it ever happens, know that it wasn’t a chemical imbalance, nor was it a cowardly act.

I think we need to change the basic paradigm regarding death. We need to teach generations about the courage required to take your own life and going against the very nature of existence.

And who knows, there may actually be something more interesting on the other side.