Unveiling the Truth Behind Low Voter Turnouts!

Unveiling the Truth Behind Low Voter Turnouts!

April 30, 2024 0

As we take part in the largest democratic elections in the world where millions of people who have just turned eligible to vote for the first time, it is very concerning to me that the voter turnout or this years elections has been almost 5 percent down from what it was half a decade ago (which means nearly 8% lesser voters have turned up this year).

The first phase witnessed a turnout of 65% down from almost 70% in 2019, a number that showed some dampened enthusiasm. Yet, as the electoral saga unfolded further, the second phase saw this spirit wane even further, dropping to a mere 64%. These numbers, may not seem alarming at first but both show the trend of declining voter enthusiasm in the process as compared to the previous elections.

Why is this happening? Are they people who are so sure that BJP will win that they don’t bother voting? Is it people who are so sure that congress and other parties can’t make a dent, or are they people disgruntled by BJP who think that voting will not change anything. The answer is worth 1.44 billion (lives, not dollars).

Let’s look at it more closely. Between 10 to 20 percent of seats in previous Lok Sabha elections (2019, 2014, 2009 and before) have been won by less than 10000 votes, hence this change in voter turnout looms large uncertainty over the elections. Even if it doesn’t hold much weight over the general winner of the election it still may hold significant sway over who wins by how much and how many. So, with 200 seats down, we may have quite a few surprises waiting for us.

In my view, experts across parties need to evaluate this right away and align their strategies accordingly. This is why we do elections in 7 phases, so they can identify and rectify this issue. Still 354 odd seats to do and many political careers to kill and kindle.

As for me, Abhi Delhi door hai!

PS: I may choose to be in one of those abstaining categories, but if I do, it will be a fully empowered reason, not a lazy one…