When I Became A Customer!

When I Became A Customer!

January 30, 2017 0

While it has been an amazing experience working for brands in all sizes, shapes and forms over the last few years, 2017 started differently. For the first time, I took one of the brands and became a customer.

It’s not that I have never consumed the content/products of the brands I have worked for before, but this one was different. It’s much more invasive and involved than any of the other ones.

We started working for an Eye Hospital, Eye7 (AKA Chaudhary Eye Center). I loved the new Contoura Vision Technology and used it to correct my vision. To my surprise, the process was amazingly painless. In and out of OT in 10 minutes, 1 day of rest and better than 6/6 vision.

So, why did I get vision correction done?

Yes, it was about improving my experience of cycling and other physical activities, but it was more about ‘why not’?

It’s reasonably priced and is 100% safe. Having worn glasses for 20 odd years, I am feeling amazing not having to bother with them anymore. And it’s just been 2 weeks! I am already seeing change in all the physical and other activities I do during the year.

And what is the downside? Well, I just have one for now and that is when I wake up in the morning. The difference between not sleeping and being awake is blurred now since I don’t have to wear glasses to be awake. 🙂

So, anyone out there thinking of getting vision correction, I would very strongly recommend Contoura Vision Technology. And of course, my experience with Eye7 Hospitals and Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary has been amazing as well. I recently got to share my experience with Contoura at Alcon Inspire Series, and the team at Alcon did an amazing job in putting my story together in a video. Have a look!

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