Why would anyone shoot 20 people in Newtown?

December 17, 2012 3

Read the news and was SHOCKED. Newtown is less than 10 miles from where my house in the US was (I still own the place but I live in India now).

When I moved from there, I was clear that I was moving to a slightly riskier place. A place where it’s easier to get hit, easier to get killed. On the road and outside.

That probably is still true, but I am shaken by what all I have heard in the last few weeks.

That brings me to an interesting debate which has been doing the rounds in the US ever since a couple of shootings in 90’s: “Should guns be allowed in US?” Here is what I have heard so far:

  • Yes.  It helps keep everyone safe. Those who want guns for any illegal activity will be able to get it anyway. So why not give it to everyone so they are all equals?
  • No. Since no guns would mean no shootings. Shooting happen because people have guns.

Grieving friends/family of victims of the Newtown shooting.

My stance for India is HELL NO…  Looking at the temper of people in this country, I wouldn’t even give a gun to some of the people in my company 🙂

I remember couple of years back, one of my car drivers I fired came to me, drunk, put me in a car (with a red light at the top), and showed me pics of him holding a revolver, a rifle, a semi-automatic and an AK-47. And then he told me he won’t do anything against me since I have been nice to him. Scary. Right?

But till now my stance for the US had been “YES”. Let everyone have guns to make everything safe. I have always felt that people in the US are more patient than us in India.

But now I am starting to lean more towards “No”. Though I do agree that those who want guns would be able to get them anyway; but make it difficult and we will have much lesser people who want guns getting access to them easily.

Inset: 20-year old Adam Lanza who killed 20 people in Newtown, Connecticut.

I know this debate will get another round with the latest shooting, but I am clear on my stance. No, people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. Just like countries shouldn’t be allowed to have nuclear arms.

I would be very interested in listening to your views about whether guns should be allowed or not.

Stay Happy, Stay Safe!

3 comments on “Why would anyone shoot 20 people in Newtown?
  1. Shelly

    My take is also a clear NO. Hell, don’t indulge into activities that can cause you harm. Keeping a gun in the name of safety sounds silly. Your actions, temper and the way of handling/identifying a situation keeps you safe!!! Don’t be a jerk and see, the world would automatically be nice to you. In odd cases, quit – there is no good in indulging with a destructive/mindless person. I will stand always for a NO.

    December 17, 2012 Reply
  2. Robin Goel

    If guns are easily available you will always have people like SS 🙂

    December 17, 2012 Reply
  3. Amit Srivastava

    If there are no guns, will there be no violence?

    December 17, 2012 Reply
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