Women Safety is NOT Women Empowerment

Women Safety is NOT Women Empowerment

January 7, 2015 0

Reservations were necessary (absolutely necessary) for providing equitable treatment to people across the  country. But they should have been removed (atleast refined) years back. Reservations are needed, anyday, to provide equal opportunity but they can’t really assure equal treatment by mere implication.


Before we gauge further, let me tell you this blog is NOT about reservations. It is about women empowerment but the quandary remains the same. Last couple of years have been majorly about women empowerment and all the conversations about it.


All we have done over these years is preaching and strengthening women safety, which should not be confused with women empowerment. It could be a necessary condition before you start working on women empowerment but it’s not the same.

Let me elaborate with some examples:

Women Safety / Reservations Women Empowerment
Separate compartment in metro and seats in buses Women should be allowed to drink
Ensuring women can travel around freely without safety concerns Women should be able to decide what to wear
Anti-rape & women protection laws Women should get equal pay at work
Give leeway since she manages both home and work Women should get equal opportunities everywhere

Most feminists / activists seem to ignore this and it completely freaks me out.

Let’s take the Uber cab case as an example. My question to all the vocal activists is:

When you first heard about the case, did it strike you, by any chance, what if the girl had approached the guy & made herself available? Possible, isn’t it? Or is that too profane a thought against the chastity of women?  I am not saying she actually did that as is quite evident from the details of the repeat offender, but my question still remains.

Disclaimer: This is my view of the world. Let’s collaborate if you agree and let’s discuss if you disagree. If you are disgusted, please discard this as spam. Promise, no offense shall be taken. 🙂

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