WW-III: The Changing World

WW-III: The Changing World

April 20, 2020 0

Wikipedia defines World War as
“a war engaged in by all or most of the
principal nations of the world”.

It doesn’t have to be a war amongst each other. No one said a world war has to be a war between 2 warring factions of humans. It doesn’t really need to be between countries, races, ethnicities or different sets of people. It doesn’t need to have a winner and a loser. But what has happened since January 2020 is WW III. An event that impacts the whole world, brings people together, changes humanity forever, is a fight for survival.

The implications are almost unimaginable. The ground underneath us is shifting. By the time we get out of it, we would have evolved beyond imagination. Evolution being defined here as a change progressed over time.

We never thought its feasible. The actions we have seen over the last few weeks and unprecedented. The question is if its an aberration or the signs of a changing world. That’s the question everyone is asking.

I have believed for a very long time that the next world war (WW III) will not be a nuclear war, nor will it be a war fought with arms. It had to be a war of biological weapon or data as a weapon. Only this had the ability to impact the entire world at the same time. Whether its an natural occurring or artificial by accident or caused by someone, the impact is on each and every human across the globe. We can explore more about the cause as well as the impact in further topics.