October 1, 2021 0

So we are 12 already! Twelve years of ideation, dedication, innovation and weird motivation. The moral of the story, we have come a long way and while they say change is the only constant, we like to remain true to some of our principles. Equality is one of those core values that this company was built on.

As preachy as it may sound, we believe in maintaining absolute equality between, senior-junior, men-women (or others). You might be religious, atheist or simply guided (can’t say mis), but we judge you by your skills and not your beliefs. Because disparity causes entitlement and we are a marketing agency, not the parliament. There is no space for the entitled here!

Hence, this year we decided on giving ourselves the well-deserved pat on the back, for successfully creating an equal space, without having the women’s rights commission knocking at our doors. That is why we are all psyched up to party hard, lightweights and hard drinkers all alike, no discrimination!

Then again, there are a bunch of other reasons to celebrate. Especially since we managed to ‘work from office’ when the world was attending zoom meetings from their bed, half asleep. Our concerns for our employee’s safety and security is primal, but our dedication to fines could never be compromised. In fact, we managed to launch three products that sought to help, when humanity was facing a major crisis. PragatiE, a virtual events platform to continue business online. Frontlist, a digital news portal- delivering good and bad news alike. However, we feel the most important one of all our ventures is Sohl, the mental wellness marketplace. Which seeks to provide a buddy, when we are forced into distancing ourselves from each other.

Enough of the self-brag? But hey, we are in marketing, can you blame us! Yet on a much humbler note, we are extremely grateful for recognising the talent and commitment in us and paying attention to our voice. Because what is the point of telling a story, if there is no one to understand and relate to? So, let’s raise a toast to the 12 years of crazy logic that redefined online marketing. Say OM!