How salaries should be paid

September 1, 2021 0

How do countries deal with corona as it increases in amplitude as we go back again in lockdowns & what do we do?

If you think your company is not going to give you 100% salary during lockdowns and you think that the company is doing it more profit or to make a fool out of you. You are absolutely in the wrong company. Please quit and find a new job for yourself.

It’s a very somber environment in India right now. The rising number of corona cases, the shortage of medicines, shortage of oxygen, and hospital beds. It’s just distater everywhere we look & earlier in the last first wave of corona. This problem was restricted by specific metros & health structure was better. But, now it is an every small city, every smal town and it is a huge problem. While I can talk about those issues, today I want to specifically focus on a subject which is close to my heart.

How do organizations, how do companies deal with corona?

I first want to talk about the balancing act. A real balancing act that we all need to look at very closely.

On one side, you could come up and say, in such times, companies need to be more favorable to their employees and give full salaries, even though they are able to work or they are working from home.

On the other side, I have a reverse aspect, as a company, if a business is struggling, everything is struggling.

We as a company have always maintained, always worked on a philosophy that whatever profit we earn, for the most part goes out to the various employees who are associated with us.

However, the current situation is not working well.

Should employees not come up to support those organisations for their survival?

Should they not willingly accept salary deductions?

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