Tokyo Olympics 2021 | Should They Happen

September 1, 2021 0

Today, we will talk about olympics.
Perhaps the largest sporting event in the world.
Nearly 207 countries participated in the event. Nearly 11000 athletes participate in the event. They are older than the religion of 75% of the world population.
It started in the 8th century BC.
The modern Olympics that we all know started in 1896. But, the Olympic history goes back to the 8th century, started in the small town in the Green Kingdom called Olympia.

Why is the Olympics considered big?

As I said, 207 countries, which means the entire world, are watching two things right now COVID and the Olympics. That’s how important it is.

Should the Olympics happen?

I don’t want to say Yes or No. I really don’t know whether it should happen or not.
If somebody asks my personal opinion. I would say the Olympics should make freedom for everyone. What I mean by that is those athletes who think they want to participate in the Olympics should absolutely be allowed to participate. However, those athletes that out of fear or out of some other reason do not want to participate should be allowed not to participate.
It is all about freedom. It is all about choices for an individual to make.

Last year the Summer Olympic Games were postponed because of COVID. Should they happen now?

The Olympic games are the biggest festival for the athletes to take part in various games and make their country proud. Around 11,000 athletes take part every year.

Should they be allowed to decide if to participate or not?

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