The rise of Nazi China

September 1, 2021 0

Communist Party of China just celebrated 100 years of its existence.
And, today China is going to be the topic of our discussion.

Clearly, over the last some time, China has shown more monopolistic, more unruly, more imperialistic behaviour than anyone has ever seen.

I like to call the phenomena, The Nazi-China Phenomana.

And, I like to call the world’s reaction to the Nazi-China phenomana as the Nazi-China Phenomana.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you go back to history.

What Hitler got validated from is really the ignorance of the French, British, American, Russians and everybody else.

Nobody wants to face the reality that there is some force coming up that is going to disrupt the world.

Let me clarify one point here…

I necessarily do not think what Hitler did was right or wrong & I understand the genocide and all of that is extremely sad, extremely unfortunate and unforgiven. However, in terms of being an imperialistic power, everybody entertains those thoughts by themselves. So, Hitler in that sense had similar thoughts as right now China has.

Aren’t Xi Jinping’s actions similar to Hitler’s?

Everybody seems to just be living in the world. China is taking certain actions & everybody is like, they are gonna stop! They are not going ahead of it too much. It is just one in this small place. It’s not going to expand somewhere else.

That is exactly what we did in the 1930s. And that is exactly what caused what we all know as the second world war.

Well, China already exceeded what the second world war would have done by doing the coronavirus, which essentially, is the third world war.

What did Xi Jinping say when China was celebrating 100 years of CCP?

He said: “China is no longer being oppressed, no longer being subject. China will hit back with fury. People will see bloody war if they try to oppress China.”

Why is the world not controlling his actions?
Unfold the truth, watching the video!