Twitter India Policies

September 1, 2021 0

Today’s topic: The war between Twitter and the Indian government is starting to heat up. The question is still fairly simple.

Which laws and how do they apply?

Twitter says they follow the laws set by the US companies and they have a regularity board of their own that creates whatever policy & all that they follow.

The Indian government says services are being rendered. The usage is being done within the limits of India, so the laws of India should follow.

Outside of all that. We will keep seeing news around that the Indian IT minister’s account was blocked for an hour. Twitter getting notices. Some raids are happening there.

These are all optics.

These are not just conversations that are happening to show the importance of the issue.
But, the ‘core issue’ remains the same.

What laws get followed and who is going to define the law?

Listen to the video and know what is the actual matter.

Watch now!