How long will work from home work for you?

September 1, 2021 0

Everything is starting to open up. People are out. People are going to the offices. Restaurants are opening up and some of them began vacationing in the mountains. So, life is slowly but surely starting to come back.

While all that is happening & while that is really good news, I want to ask people right now. Are you happy doing work from home?

I am not asking for personal satisfaction whether you enjoy the work life balance or whether you are really enjoying spending time with your kids and family or whether you miss office. That isn’t what I am really asking. But, I am really trying to get to it.

Do you really think work from home is going to be sustainable in the long term?


Let me ask you differently.

For some of you, you may be working in technical fields where you work in silos. You get assigned a specific piece of work and then you are given a certain amount of time to finish that piece of work. And, you submit that piece of work then that goes into something else.

And, it’s great!
Nobody is going to miss you the office and you probably wouldn’t miss the office.


Do you really think you will have a job when work from home goes away?

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