India Vision | The Book

September 1, 2021 0

Today is a really interesting day. I got really interesting things to cover & interesting stories to share.

As some of you might know. Over the last some time I have been working on writing a book. I started it back in 2017, almost finished the book somewhere in 2019, then the coronavirus happened, I kind of gave up because a lot of writing was not making sense, not irrelevant. The world around me was changing.

We did not know what was going on. We did not know how things were going to turn out, so I let it lie for a while.

Last month, actually two months back I started working on it again & I am extremely happy to share that I have completed my first draft of that book. Now, that doesn’t mean the book is ready to be published tomorrow.

The book is going to be published in the month of August. The details will be shared with you.

The genre of the book is non-fiction.
The book is called ‘India Vision’.

And, what I mean by India Vision in all different spectrums in the world.
There are some topics which may actually talk about governance or the lack of some situation or the need for minimising the governance in other situations.

The other thing it would talk about is that a huge chunk of the book will cover ‘EQUALITY’.

What does it mean in all perspectives, in all spectrums?

I know people talk about women empowerment. People talk about LGBTQ. People talk about casteism, people talk about racism, people talk about religious discrimination. People keep talking about inequality in the world.

My theme in what I am going to portray in what I would like to talk about is going to be ‘EQUALITY’.

I will talk about equality, women’s empowerment, old age, the diverse India, anti-corruption, mental health, coronavirus, etc.

Be in touch and become a roaring part of India Vision by showering your perspective on this book. It will be all yours between August-September in 2021!
Stay tuned!