Call to boycott Cleartrip!

December 6, 2012 1

PR and the Buzz about Cleartrip  

Cleartrip’s recent firing of BuzzPR is definitely justified; a PR agency misusing the data is abominable. Having said that, using this to get cheap publicity with their customers by telling them ‘how much they care’ is just as sad.

As an agency, I am very disappointed by Cleartrip’s actions. This Kejriwal like “Expose” needs to end. I am sure the PR agency will have sufficient examples of when the brand would have hidden something and would have sought the support from the same PR agency. Does that mean that the PR agency should now go out and expose everything they know?

I remember just 4 months back we were facing a large brand, which owed us lacs. I thought very hard and decided against taking a similar action. The brand only paid 50% of what was due and we accepted, moved on, albeit grudgingly.

I, as a responsible social media professional would like to call my fellow bloggers, social media professionals, tweeples and agency partners to boycott Cleartrip till they issue a public apology for their misconduct.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kapil Gupta

CEO, OMLogic

One thought on “Call to boycott Cleartrip!
  1. Parijaat Sharma

    I read the article that Cleartrip published on their blog yesterday and respect their views & concerns. What I think is that the decision is done in haste and is a mere public show only. There was no need for Cleartrip to shame its VERY OWN old PR agency. I think they must think again.

    December 6, 2012 Reply
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