Metaverse – Bigger than you Think

Metaverse – Bigger than you Think

July 19, 2022 0

Imagine yourself sitting in a dark room and then putting on a headset not heavier than your phone. Instantaneously, you’re transported into the world of your choosing. Perhaps you prefer the soothing Shire or the cyberpunk landscapes or the wasted wilderness of Dune. No matter what your preference may be, you will be able to walk into all the places you have ever dreamt of being in. Talk to Harry Potter over lunch or solve a cold case with Sherlock Holmes himself. Because of haptic suits, you can even touch people, feel the rain pouring over you or be inside the movie or the game of your choosing whenever you want.

All your friends are beside you but you meet thousands of real people dressed in infinite Avatars as you walk along an infinite highway. Your work is done here and your leisure is spent creating picturesque works of art here. You possess an individual world, just like the rest of the people, you do whatever you want there. Last week, you finally finished that exact replica of Ancient Rome complete with AI NPCs of Aurelius or Nero ruling over your masses but being puppeted by you. You learn about evolution by experiencing it in rapid time before you and understand concepts like Quantum Physics and Relativity by being able to visualize multidimensional geometry before you while the voice of Einstein or Hawking himself guides you through your learning process.

Your therapist, best friend, lover and care-taker is an Artificial Intelligence that knows exactly what you want and how you want it all the time. You can promptly ask it to cook up a multi-million dollar grade blockbuster with actors you prefer in a matter of seconds and you can play the movie while changing it along the way however you want. The definition of gaming has evolved and has become true art where anyone can create whatever they want and billions of people watch Call of Duty tournaments just like they used to watch actual sports.

You love competing in your favorite strategy games and your day job involves consulting with one such creator firm that uses your expertise in history and gaming to create virtual reality experiences that are mostly done by AI but require human approval for you to feel less obsolete than you are. Finally, you feel healthy, wealthy and happy due to the genuine connections that you’ve made in these types of Virtual Worlds that the world is crafting now. These worlds are already as real as the real world even though Full Dive hasn’t arrived yet, you know a lot of people wish to leave their biological bodies behind and live in these virtual worlds full time.

All of this may seem far-fetched to someone sitting in the month of July, 2022 but rest assured, all of this will be here before the decade is through. Nobody expected how big computers, the internet or smart phones were going to be but they seemingly came out of nowhere and took over our entire lives in a matter of years. I suspect the Metaverse’s impact will be far bigger and its roots will dig deeper in the human psyche. We are still unfolding the black swans that occurred during the first decade of this century and have no way of even predicting what will happen in this one and the next.

Do you feel like a cyborg already? If not, then you soon will and there’s nothing you can do about it because after this point, humanity is only going to diverge and not go back. And there’s no stopping this revolution as our bottom-up view of consumer and enterprise use cases suggests it could generate up to $5 trillion in impact by 2030—about the size of Japan’s economy, the world’s third-largest.

You have AI gearing up to reach AGI, the internet of things is only getting bigger, 6G is about to begin and all these companies like Meta, Tesla, and Google are all pouring millions into VR and AR technology every single year. Recently Tesla made news by demonstrating their Teslasuit, which can simulate the feeling of touch, pouring rain or racing in a car to the wearer. Magic Leap on the other hand is about to release its second iteration of next generation AR glasses. While there were recent headlines about testing the first VR contact lens.

All of this may be a bit too much for the average person but for a tech nerd it cannot come fast enough! This is the future that we were promised and it’s going to be so much bigger and brighter than all our predictions and studies that we can only dream about.

For the best part, Solh Wellness is already an online virtual platform to help you get through mental health issues but with VR and AI, it is only going to grow and be able to help more people than previously thought. But you don’t have to wait for VR to reach Full Dive to get a better Virtual Mental Health today as you can download the Solh app from your play stores now!