Rishi Sunak: The next UK PM?

Rishi Sunak: The next UK PM?

July 13, 2022 0

After Boris Johnson’s resignation, the conservative party already has a prime candidate to replace him  with Rishi Sunak.

However, the way his candidacy was announced with a high quality rendered video suggests this usurping was months in the making. This becomes clear as we scrutinize his sudden resignation from the position of chancellor of the exchequer, back in December, that kickstarted the downfall of Boris. His credentials run from India to East Africa to the UK (with a sprinkling of US in it). 

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of Rishi Sunak as the next UK Prime Minister:


  • He is one of the youngest candidates for the PM position at 42. We love young leaders. 
  • He is well educated and has the doctrine of both Oxford and Stanford in his resume.
  • He is an apt businessman with a strong understanding of Economics and Business due to his experience with Goldman Sachs and other hedge funds.
  • His tenure as the Chancellor of exchequer was nothing but outstanding.
  • His political understanding of taxes is what the UK needs right now. One of the few leaders willing to put his neck out and ask for the unpopular, more tax.
  • His influence and Indian origin base may help with the India-UK Free Trade Agreement.
  • His wife is the daughter of a rich and very well accomplished Indian (one of the key brains behind the Indian IT industry). He doesn’t ever have to worry about money for himself. 


  • His young naivete is apparent with the way he has announced himself, as everyone could see through the months in planning it took him to do so.
  • His out of reality’s touch billionaire lifestyle may not be good for the problems of the common people.
  • He isn’t a reliable partner as he has shown to be switching sides whenever opportunity arose for him. From May to Bojo to anti-Bojo. Problem.
  • He has failed to declare his wife’s assets in taxes which is a fraud, not a faux pas for someone with his finance background and Chancellor role. Big problem
  • He was also caught in the Partygate scandal just like Boris and is very much similar to him. Do we really want a polished Bojo? How do we go past this problem?

No matter what the result might be, Rishi’s win might go positively for India-UK Free Trade Agreement. We might see an ease of business and relaxing of restrictions for trade. Since he is an expert economist, the UK might even float far in this regard, but when it comes to his understanding of common people and their woes, I am not so sure. 

Overall, a good candidate for India. An average candidate for the UK. World needs to wait and watch. People in Ukraine need to be much more worried than anywhere else. They have lost an ally and any new person will come with newer ideas. No one will match the support Boris Johnson gave.

What the future has in store, no one knows. If we were to go by the precedent set by history, he won’t win since he is the leader right now and the person who leads during the primary very rarely ever wins the election in the UK.