Elon Musk Pulls Out, Not For The First Time

Elon Musk Pulls Out, Not For The First Time

July 9, 2022 0

Some deals are great, win-win for all involved. Others are doomed, and no one gains. The Twitter deal was always the latter. As I had predicted earlier in Truth Shots With Kapil, this deal could not have gone through. You heard it here first a long time back. I think it was a great launching pad for a new Free Speech platform by Elon Musk. Though I am still not sure if Mr. Musk has defined ​​free speech well for people outside the United States of America. True free speech can exist only if you believe in the audience / listener / reader to be smart and their ability to make their calls. But that’s really a stretch that most will find difficult to justify.

I have been a critic of the deal and had predicted that this deal would be a failure. From Elon Musk’s views, its clear that he isn’t looking for free speech, he is looking for right-winged access on Twitter. There is nothing around free speech for all, geo-based free speech discussion, dictatorships, and authoritarian regimes and of course, the age-old issue of one land’s terrorist is another land’s revolutionary.

Republican Elon Musk has terminated his Twitter deal. What did Elon gain from this charade? Nothing. His Tesla stock plummeted, he lost every liberal customer, and he embarrassed himself on the global stage. Both Twitter and Tesla are going to end up suffering because Musk made a bad decision. It will be wrong to say that Twitter stock suffered because of it, it’s back to the level it was before this deal came out (actually still 10-15% above that) Musk had to sell 10 million shares of Tesla to afford Twitter, and Twitter is suing him so even more losses are coming his way.

He couldn’t have timed it worse. We are heading down to an economic recession. Tesla has been struggling. $44B for Twitter, where his approach is actually going to reduce the revenue as he comes in? In total, this is an extremely bad financial decision by Elon Musk.

If Elon Musk can define free speech by keeping the right-wing aside, this can be a good approach. If he is so into promoting the free speech ideology he should launch his own platform. which can be for business-oriented free speech. It may not be a great business but a great act towards society. The challenge is most countries will ban it (especially authoritarian / tightly regulated countries).

So sit back, relax. Twitter is not going anywhere. It will continue to be the same crappy inefficient platform that we all love and tweet about. If you have something to say, just say it. If you don’t, say that as well.

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