In God We Trust: Christianizing America

In God We Trust: Christianizing America

June 27, 2022 0

This isn’t a conservative point of view (no land right, individual right, or political right being favored). This isn’t an anti-feminist point of view. Heck, this isn’t against LGBTQA either. This is the Christianizing of America – Removing the delineation between the church and the state. Ensuring the old Christian doctrines rule, no matter the current social structure or the current majority beliefs.

Roe vs. Wade was a monumental law that sanctified women’s rights to their bodies in the landmark judgment of 1973. But now that this ruling has been struck down by a republican/conservative/Christianity majority Supreme Court, millions of women across America have been left with one message, ‘You are nothing but a birthing vessel, and we don’t care what happens to you.’

The entire Pro-choice vs. Pro-life debate is laughable and deeply trenched in older religious doctrines. How can there be a life for a child without the mother’s rights? If a mother is forced to give birth despite having neither the will nor the means to raise the child, how can the child truly live? They would either grow up in a sham group home and be abused or live in a broken home where they would never feel welcome. All these Republicans who call themselves ‘Pro-life’ have no plan to cater to these children who will now be born out of their Draconian Bill.

Please raise a big hand for these innocent and good Christian souls. All they want to do is spread the light of Christ and make their country exactly how the people who wrote the bible wished the Middle East to be 2000 years ago. It doesn’t matter if these verses often contradict themselves, stop making rational sense, or do not match the science and knowledge of the times. They want to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth, and they will do it by God. No, they are nothing like the cruel Islamic Taliban or ISIS; don’t you see, they are as white as Jesus himself!

The United States of America, once a haven for innovation and a world leader, is now showing its true colors. Those who have studied history know that their nation’s history has always been about pressing power over the powerless and pushing selfish agendas over people just because they can. They have done this to their citizens and to anyone that is not an English-descended white man, so does it come off as a wonder that they have taken women’s rights like this?

We can go on and on about rational and factual arguments about why abortion should not just be legal but also a right for every woman in this world. It is their bodies, and since they are masters of their own life, they should have the choice to live it how they want. In some states, it will be illegal for women to have an abortion even if they are raped or in a life-threatening situation. Life isn’t something these ‘pro-lifers’ care about. No, they care about power and showing power by crushing down people.

What can they do next? For starters, ban the morning after pills? Ban contraceptives overall? Take away my right to jack off? They can even claim there is life in every animal, and since every life is to be protected, we will now all need to be vegetarian or vegan? There is no limit to human stupidity…

Hypocrites born out of years of propaganda are who run the US today, look a bit closer, and you’ll find the same everywhere. Now, brace for the impact of Roe vs. Wade to ignite similar people across the globe and wait for them to demand the same rights as the Supreme Court of Justice in America. What a shit show, and the stupidity has only just begun.

For me, I have always been Pro-Choice. For me, it doesn’t matter when the semen, ovum, zygote, or however you look at it becomes life. It belongs to the woman till it’s out of her. Just like she can cut out her hand or leg, she can cut it out. For me, this belief extends further into death. Euthanasia, suicide, and however else you want to characterize it, I am pro-choice. Every human should have a right to decide when they want to end their life. We are far from that, and the US has gotten further away in the last few days. Till then, extending life (of a cell or a baby or a human) will continue to be the essence of humanity, no matter the quality.