Can you join and share?

Can you join and share?

June 21, 2013 0

The visuals of crumbling buildings and the cries of the helpless people was bone chilling. The fast and indeed the furious river had claimed many a lives.  I switched off the News channel but the sight of the devastation refused to leave my mind. It’s rightly said that Man is nothing in front of Mother Nature and that he has to bow down before Nature’s fury.

My heart went out to the people in Uttrakhand. There was a thought that constantly occupied my mind– To somehow help those people and be a part of the relief work. And I pledged to find the solution for it. So when a friend of mine, Nivedan, showed interest in an integration to help people in the time of crisis, I knew I had to pitch in. Being the CEO of an online media marketing company provided just what I needed; a medium through which  I could execute Nivedan’s idea to perfection.

We at OMLogic decided to co-run a program with SloPho. SloPho enables you to create your own world where you can share photos and slogans with the people you want. We decided to use this unique feature and organise an online photo sharing community focussing on the Uttrakhand/Kedarnath disaster. A picture is worth a thousand words. SloPho helps you in translating your thoughts via pictures.

During an emergency situation in hospitals, the officials take the photograph of unclaimed patients and put it up on the board. This helps the public in identifying their family members. The term given to such patients is Jane Doe (for females) and John Doe (for males). SloPho will help the public in the same way. You can share photographs of unclaimed person stuck in Uttrakhand disaster and upload it on the website. In a way you would play a major role in helping the victims reconnect with their family members. The idea of helping those in need was coming along well but I still needed to make that grand contribution that would make a difference. And it came as a surprise when one word solved it all-CSR! Yes, I am indeed talking about bringing our corporate honchos into the picture. We decided to take all the photographs that were shared by people to the corporates, who in turn would provide monetary fund to the victims.  And that is exactly how a single thought weaved the social program, much needed for the flood victims.

At this point I am sure you must be stuck with the thought of what can you do to help?! Well, your work is simple. Help us narrate the unfortunate disaster of Kedarnath through pictures. The photographs could be theme based, like for example: praying for the victims or your photograph can also reflect the pain and agony of the family members. No matter which corner of India you are residing, all you need to do is share with SloPho your thoughts, messages and prayers through a picture to help the victims.

Login on Slopho through your Facebook or Twitter account and upload the photographs. Every photograph that you post would earn the victims a much required relief.  Let’s together help those on the lookout for their kith and kin. Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Don’t delay the process of a significant contribution. Step forward, share your photograph and help lighten the burden! Join now!

Because helping hands are better than praying lips!

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