#CouchFeminism – Overdoses Women Empowerment

#CouchFeminism – Overdoses Women Empowerment

March 8, 2018 0

Today is Women’s Day! A day to either celebrate the might of 50% of the human population or, to rue over the exploits of 50% of the human population.

The intention of both need to be identical. Creating the right place for women in the society. Please note, I didn’t say equal. Men and women are not equal.

Now that I have your angry attention, let me highlight the fundamental issues I see with feminists today. Looks like all that the feminists of India (perhaps the whole world) are on this ultimate mission to get added privileges, reservations and incentives for women. I call this #CouchFeminism. Let me sit on the couch, quote a 1000-year-old history and ask for more. They have made women as laborers who should fight all their life and manage work, home, career, kids and everything else. All in the name of equality.

But why can’t a woman make choices to have an easy life? Why isn’t a woman who hosts kitty parties and squanders her husband’s money empowered? Why are we so obsessed with this idea of equality? I see a lot of women around shaming their friends, siblings and other women for choosing domesticity over career. Before everyone starts jumping up and down, I am not suggesting women should choose domesticity over career. I am suggesting that women should choose for themselves and not be forced into it.

A true feminist, in my view, is someone who cares about bringing freedom of choice (not equality) for women across the globe. A true feminist will never use any special privileges, no matter what, for herself. A true feminist will never use men as a measure of comparison or benchmark for what a woman must also do.And ultimately, follow whatever that choice may be, as long as it makes her happy.

Women empowerment is a mechanism to provide a common playing field for all women to choose what is right for them.

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