Nothing is Wrong in the Coverage of Sridevi News – My view!

Nothing is Wrong in the Coverage of Sridevi News – My view!

February 28, 2018 0

Much has been said over Sridevi’s death and the news coverage around it.

The News: Sridevi died on 24th feb, 2018 in her hotel room in Dubai

Coverage 1: Why she died, how she died, murder or natural, alcohol, diet plans, cosmetic surgeries, pills, etc etc.

Coverage 2: Why is media covering the Sridevi story so much? I heard a radio channel doing the coverage of this ‘why’ with the same fun, frolic, engagement as they would do any other news.

NOW, let’s get real. Sorrow, anger, hate are all human emotions just like happiness and love. These are needed as a distraction from the usual busy, stressed, non-entertained life.

Media channels claim that they are covering the news because people are watching it. People say they watch it because the media channels play it.

And here I am sitting and wondering, what is wrong with it? If some people get entertained, if some people get distracted from their lives, if some people engage, then why is it wrong? She was a celebrity and has entertained people all her life. She has stirred emotions of joy with Mr. India and emotions of sorrow with Sadma. If her death and the associated events do the same, what is so wrong with it?

Why are we so obsessed with righteousness and that too, our concept of righteousness?

Dear Media – don’t beat yourself up about the coverage you did. Your job is to inform and entertain; you did exactly that.

Dear People – you have every right to be entertained. And you were not gossiping about your neighbor’s wife sleeping with the man next door (not that I have a righteous opinion about it). 😛

Disclaimer: Any viewership, readership, TRP increase with this blog post is completely intentional and not incidental.