Focus on the blur: Where cricket and TV shows meet!

Focus on the blur: Where cricket and TV shows meet!

June 1, 2023 0

For a very long time, I have believed IPL to be the best scripted reality show. In fact, the most socialist scheme ever, where the rich invests money and poor gets entertainment.

Be it Bollywood movies, TV shows, reality shows or cricket, nowadays it is becoming difficult to differentiate between all of them. Cricket has now emerged as a medium which has worked to discolor all other forms of entertainment. That is why today cricket has become the most expensive means of providing entertainment.

Cricket – India’s first choice in sports and probably the last too. Has it ever crossed your mind that apart from entertainment, how real is this game full of money, politics and power? Have you also been surprised by watching this year’s IPL matches? Did you have the same question this year – who the hell is writing this script?

IPL is the second biggest competition in the world of sports. And why not when you get so much entertainment, all in one place, all at once. There was a time when people were crazy about Bollywood movies and film stars more than cricket. Then came the year 1983 when India won the Cricket World Cup for the first time, and from that day the craze of Indians got divided into two parts. After that Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of cricket, Dhoni and the start of both the World Cup and IPL under his captaincy tilted the pan of Indians’ craze a little more towards cricket.

Amidst all this knowledge, the issue still remains: Are the lines between cricketers and actors getting blurred? Are cricketers also just acting now? Is IPL now fixed?

I do not have the answers to these questions, but looking at all the matches played in IPL this year, it seems that they were all fixed. There were many matches which went till the last over, the losing team won and the favorites lost. For example, hitting five consecutive sixes in the last over, the last ball becoming a no ball and the biggest example of this is yesterday’s final where Chennai Super Kings once again won the title by scoring 10 runs in the last 2 balls. .

I do not have the answer whether IPL is scripted or not, but if so, then who is writing the script? If such a writer exists, then Bollywood people should hire him at the first opportunity, because now only such a writer can save their sinking ship.