The Iconic Blue Bird Has Gone ft. Elon Musk

The Iconic Blue Bird Has Gone ft. Elon Musk

April 4, 2023 0

The blue bird of Twitter–an iconic symbol of the platform for over a decade has gone, but let’s be real; who needs tradition and history when you can have a goofy-looking dog that’s been plastered all over the internet for a few years?

There is a famous saying, “Every dog has a day,” and the day has come. The iconic Twitter “blue bird” has been replaced by the famous “Doge.” However, unlike every name change, this is not an act of our beloved Yogi Ji. I’m sure this change will really boost Twitter’s credibility and attract a whole new audience of internet-savvy dogs. And hey, if the “Doge” doesn’t work out, they can always switch to a cat or a cow. The possibilities are endless!

But seriously, can we appreciate the fact that we live in a world where a meme can become a logo for a multi-billion dollar company? What a time to be alive.

I can just picture it now: users logging onto Twitter, and instead of seeing a little bird icon, they see a “Doge” with a little thought bubble saying “To the moon!” or “HODL!” It’s like the internet version of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

The new “Doge” logo is the same as “Dogecoin” – Elon’s favorite cryptocurrency. It seems that now the users will get an option of barking instead of tweeting.
However, this is not a new thing. Some of the Bollywood boycott gangs have long been accused of barking instead of debating, but now Twitter gives them a platform to do it out in the open.

But have you ever thought, Why has Elon made this move? Elon was promoting Dogecoin earlier when he wasn’t the owner of Twitter. But now, since he owns the company, he has changed the logo— resulting in a sudden increase in Dogecoin’s valuation.

Well, Elon Musk has found a new way to manipulate the stock market: by changing the logo of a major social media platform to his favorite cryptocurrency mascot. I mean, who needs SEC regulations when you can just rebrand everything to look like a “Doge” and watch the value skyrocket?

And, of course, the Indian media couldn’t be happier about this development. They’ve been barking up the wrong tree for years, but now they can finally join the Dogecoin hype train. Maybe they’ll even start a new segment called “Barking Business,” where they give investment advice in woofs and growls. Last time, Dogecoin experienced a rally when Elon tweeted about it, and the same thing is happening again— and now the value has increased up to 23% in a day.

Twitter’s recent decision to change its logo to the beloved Dogecoin mascot has caused quite a stir online. While some netizens are thrilled about the change, particularly those invested in the cryptocurrency market, others are just having a good laugh. It’s no secret that Dogecoin has gained a massive following, thanks in part to the meme culture that has exploded in recent years, so seeing it as the face of a significant social media platform is both amusing and surreal. Only time will tell if this move by Twitter will impact the value of Dogecoin, but for now, it’s generating plenty of buzz and conversation online.

Well, the bird that used to bark and give pain to the mind until now, perhaps now after the arrival of the “Doge,” sweet chirping sounds will give peace to the heart and mind.