If only life is a journey

If only life is a journey

September 30, 2016 1

Isn’t it an irony! We spend our lifetime trying to improve our life. But none of us have any means of defining what is an improved life.

Really think of it!! We like to think of an improved life as the presence of this or the absence of that. We look at an improved life as a destination we want to get to.

What if an improved life is simply a journey we go through. Nothing to achieve, nothing to lose, nothing that leads to anywhere.

What if we were just part of a big puzzle, a puzzle that’s supposed to not fit or be solved.

What if an improved life is simply our ability to play our role with all honesty& enthusiasm, ensuring we enjoy every moment of it and not feeling any pain. What if life was simply that simple!

Don’t know if this is the truth but then it is as good as, actually better and more empowering, than the version we live with.

I have been working for a reasonably long time towards achieving just this and I can vouch for the results. There are very few things that perturb me now. There are very few situations that make me sad.

Happiness or ability to enjoy life as it comes is a blessing that I have simply come to enjoy. Try it for yourself. Here are a few simple hacks I have used:

  • Whenever angry, just turn away and smile. I am not asking you to remember a funny situation or do anything crazy, just spread your lips and put a smile on your face
  • Breathe in, breathe out. 3 times whenever faced with anything you don’t like
  • Do not (and I mean it) worry about what people do or how people contribute or take away from their life. That is their life and their way of living. Have no expectations and fulfill no expectations. Just do what you think is right

Do this well for a bit and it will start coming naturally to you. And then, invincible you will be. Not because you will be a great warrior, rather because there will be nothing to win from you~

One thought on “If only life is a journey
  1. Swapnil

    …..And what if life is as Beautiful as we think 🙂
    Nice thoughts. Will follow the 3rd point from simple hacks! Thank you.

    October 3, 2016 Reply
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