Makemytrip + Ibibo: A marriage of convenience??

Makemytrip + Ibibo: A marriage of convenience??

October 19, 2016 0
I don’t know whether to start this blog with ‘Another one bites the bullet’ or ‘Another one takes a fall’, but that’s exactly my sentiment.


We are seeing a dangerous trend in the Indian e-commerce industry where new deals are being done, not from a position of power, rather because they have run out of options.


The Jabong deal and the IBIBO deal are perfect examples of getting out of the race versus losing the race. And both these deals make me question the basic essence of how deals are being looked upon by the investors in Indian market right now.


Wouldn’t it have been more straight forward to let both IBIBO and Jabong die their natural deaths versus someone paying the kind of money they got paid?


What value does IBIBO provide to MakeMyTrip worth $720 million? Is it the collaborations they have or the manpower they have or the revenue they have or the user data they have? Or is it the brand name?


Everyone will have an answer of their own and the future will tell who is right or wrong. For me, this deal is a loser!
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