Join us in DLIN SearchCycle 2013!

December 26, 2012 0

As a kid growing up in rather humble surroundings in Delhi, we never had the place to keep a bicycle. I always lived knowing I can’t ride a bike.

But then came 2012. January started with OMLogic working on two bicycle brands as social media partners and continued with me buying a 5-gear bicycle. It has put the bicycle in the forefront of my life for now.

And now, with 2013, I am extremely proud to associate with DLIN SearchCycle 2013, a biking event for the search engine community.

Gillian Muessig (@SEOmom), President & co-founder of SEOMoz and one of the best known personalities in the online industry will be in town and taking a 25 day long tour on her bike along with her brother James who is a New York tour guide. OMLogic is participating as a core part of the team putting this event together.

I urge everyone associated with the search and social media industry to come and demonstrate the strength of this growing industry. We will meet at the Red Fort on January 5 at 6:45am and ride out at 7am sharp (James is from New York, so he really means it!) towards India Gate and then to Meerut. Even if you can only ride 1/2 hour with us, join us for that moment! It will be a moment to remember.

And of course, do join us for a meet-up in Meerut that evening.

I will be there! Will you? RSVP on Facebook.

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