Mindfuck? What The Fuck Is That?

Mindfuck? What The Fuck Is That?

July 31, 2017 0

Let me first put this in context. The crisis that you see most people go through every so often, the stress and the unhappiness that most people have in their life and in things around them is called mindfuck. Whether its existential crisis or issues in relationships or some other seemingly missing aspect in most people’s life, the underlying theme is called mindfuck.

So, what is the classic definition of mindfuck?

Wikipedia describes Mindfuck as Psychological manipulation, a principle of discordianism. These words are definitely going to put someone in mindfuck if they already weren’t.

Here is my definition: Mindfuck is a state of being that people get into wherein they assume a certain hypothesis to be true and then they spend most of their time trying to validate that hypothesis and prove to themselves that they are right. It could range from why their life sucks or why their boss hates them or why their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/neighbor or anyone and everyone else is out there to make them unhappy. The brilliant aspect of life is that they will reasonably be able to get such validations daily.

The basic core requirement for a mindfuck is to atleast be at level 3 on Maslow’s hierarchy. People who are at level 1 or level 2 don’t usually have time, energy or mindset to be this evolved.

In my experience, the younger generation goes through it much more rapidly and at a much younger age than the previous one. The existential crisis when seen at a 35+ age can be termed as mid-life crisis or a base maturity that an individual need to go through. While, if its seen at the age of 25, its just plain and simple mindfuck.

Having been at the helm of a digital and social media agency, I have a unique purview into the minds of such people (both people in social media world as well as people that I perhaps get in touch with directly at my company or my customer’s companies). Now, the question everybody asks is, ‘how do we get over this mindfuck?’

The answer, though complicated in actually making it happen is rather simple. Question your hypothesis from all angles to see whether it makes logical sense. In simple and plain manner of WHY! That’s it, that’s all there is to it!

One key requirement to answer ‘Why’ is to identify 1-2 people around you, who have know to have no conflict of interest and will give you a genuinely good advice. Only, you gotta trust yourself and the other person to follow this advice. Remember, nobody is out there to get you. Nobody really cares enough to put you in misery. There are definitely people who can offer advice. And if you can’t figure anyone out, straight away head to a psychiatrist for a session. Remember, mindfuck is a fever and needs a medicine and that’s the end of it!

A must NOT do is talk to everyone and get advice. That’s a sure shot way to strengthen your mindfuck or get into one if you aren’t already.

Will love to hear if this helps you get over yours or clearly see someone else’s!

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