Notorious Crazywal

February 27, 2014 0

Notorious CrazywalIn my post about ‘All that is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal’ (, I had talked about what he is missing. That was done with a conscious assumption that he has the right intentions. Today, I want to not constraint myself with that assumption.

A closer look at the events of the last few months somehow tells me that Kejriwal is self-centred, power hungry and not afraid to misuse people’s trust. Please note by no means am I claiming that’s where he started, I am suggesting that’s where he seems to be now. If someone had asked me in October, I would have given him a thumbs-up on honesty and integrity.

Let’s look at some facts:

  • Resigning because you didn’t get your way on Jan Lokpal bill? Why not do 20 good things over the next few months? Make Delhi a better place and then quit. Why the rush?
  • Waiving off the past dues of people who supported his campaign last year is 100% illegal and unconstitutional. For this you should be sent to jail. I mean are you kidding me? Am I stupid for being a law abiding citizen and pay my bills on time?
  • Kejriwal has done everything to ensure that he is in the news. Publicity galore. Going to public and asking opinion on making government was just plain stupid. And if that was correct, how come you resigned without asking anyone?
  • The dharna and fight against Delhi Police. Dude! You were made the CM of Delhi. There are enough (more than enough) good you can do without fighting to take control of Delhi police.
  • Advertisements invoking all dieties on radio (bhagwan, allah, waheguru) and you don’t do religion politics?
  • Auto-wallah appeasement and you claim no appeasement policy?
  • You have claimed that judiciary, bureaucracy, ministry and police are all corrupt. Are you not essentially asking us to give you a dictator’s power? How exactly is this Jan Lokpal?

Everything points to one and only one conclusion – You are purely thinking about how to move forward in your ambition to get political mileage and something nationally. The problem is that you will be called and will be wiped. We can live with 60+ years of corruption but we are a very unforgiving lot when somebody lies to our face and treats us as stupid. 🙂

My last assertion is that you need to distinguish between an activist looking at newer holes in the system and an administrator plugging already found holes first. You can’t be both.

I may not have voted for you, but I was definitely looking for what change you will bring. And I am disappointed, extremely disappointed. And I deserve an apology.

You have lost credibility for now and it’s a long road uphill for you to get it back.

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