Random Musings Around Suicide

Random Musings Around Suicide

July 4, 2018 0

Saw something in the morning and started thinking about the concept of suicide: Ending one’s life of your own wish. While most people think of suicide as cowardly, I completely disagree.

In my view, suicide is perhaps one of the most courageous acts one could perform. Unless, it is caused by a chemical imbalance. In case of a chemical imbalance, suicide is not cowardly, it is out of one’s own control and becomes a more natural phenomenon.

Human brain is wired to be the most efficient towards oneself. Survival being the key. Taking extraneous chemicals out, a human will do everything to extend their survival. Take adrenaline and chemical imbalance out, a human will push their most dear one in front of a bullet to avoid being hit by a bullet. So, a thought through decision for suicide is perhaps the most courage one could ever muster.

I think one of the reasons of high suicide rates is because suicide has been defined as the easier option for people. Its not defined as that thing from where there is no coming back.

And who knows, may be there is life beyond death. A new realm, a new world.