The Maturity of Indian Democratic System to Become a Two-party Paradigm

The Maturity of Indian Democratic System to Become a Two-party Paradigm

June 1, 2018 0

The dream of a two-party system seems not so far away. It is undoubtedly because of BJP’s relentless efforts to appease the Gods above. Seems like the beef ban, or the ‘tapasya’ we all endured when we stood in those long ATM lines during demonetization – everything has contributed to the arrival of a day we think (read: hope) we’re going to witness soon. A two-party democratic India.

When the saffron-clad party won the 2014 elections, they changed the political landscape dramatically by becoming the first political party to win a majority in the last 25 years. While a lot was promised, we are glad that we are, at the least, able to share a meal with both the state and centre whenever we go out to a restaurant. (Thank you, CGST and SGST!)

BJP has achieved a lot over the last 4 years. However, the one accomplishment that I feel incredibly proud of is the unifying effect of Modi ji’s persona – bringing everybody together to make the 2019 elections a two-party affair. Now that’s some charisma!

Everyone is aware of the speculations. They say that the 2019 elections will no longer be a clash between Modi and the Gandhi-Nehru Clan. It would perhaps be a BJP vs anti-BJP fight. The so called ‘like-minded’ people and parties are expected to unite against one ‘rival’, with the anti-Modi fever being at its peak.

And if yesterday’s by polls do not add meat to these speculations, we don’t know what will. The by polls almost always shift the paradigm from speculations to a thought-out strategy. Held across 10 states, the by-polls have already pulled the BJP parliamentarians to the edge of their seats, winning only one of the four parliamentary seats and one of the eleven assembly seats.

While we do have some time to see how the so called BJP vs anti-BJP duel pans out, the current political scenario shouts out to BJP. For now, let’s take a moment and thank Modiji for ushering the country towards an era of mature politics. The two parties make it an even contest.

Final thoughts?

Well, I love it! Even though there are political motifs that are pushing the current scenario, we hope that the two party system crystallizes to become the eventual Indian political system. Keeping in mind that politics is driven by opportunities and not ideologies, a two party system is the correct answer for the Indian democracy.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to a see a two-party India after the 2019 elections.