Salman Khan in Jail- Who Gives A BUCK!

Salman Khan in Jail- Who Gives A BUCK!

April 5, 2018 0

We Indians have always been proud of our morals, ethics and beliefs. With a glorious history of religion and worship behind our back, we have traversed the same disciplines into our way of life. Some recent events (you know which ones), make it evident that our loyalty and trust, when it comes to worshiping our Gods or Godmen or Cricket, remains unparallel. Anything and everything that deviates from this collective national identity needs to be punished. We live in a culture of hooliganism, mobs and judgmentalism, where righteousness entails to be the way of life.

EXCEPT, when it comes to celebrities!

Be it movie stars, religious figures, sports personalities, politicians and anybody and everybody who we could look upto. Bhakti is the essence of Indian culture and we oh- so- proudly carry the tag everywhere. The tendency of ‘celebrity worship syndrome’ in our country is euphoric.

But don’t you think that we should put people we look up to under more scrutiny?
Shouldn’t they be more responsive towards law and its implementations?
Shouldn’t they be harshly punished for breaking our trust?

I believe so!

People who are put up on a pedestal and worshipped are by default endowed with the responsibility to be worthy of their position. They ought to be more responsible for the sake of the love of their people, in this case- their fans.

Dear Salman,

Salman Khan

We love your stardom, but you just can’t be above THE LAW.

Please turn yourself in and plead for a punishment. 5 years might be too severe, but for people’s sake who worship you and for the children who are growing up watching you, spend some time in Jail.