The state of Virtual Exhibition in India

September 1, 2021 0

Virtual Exhibition has brought about a real opportunity for such businesses to host an event who could earlier not have done the same owing to budgetary constraints. It has also brought the global audience to your door steps.

Yet when spoken in the Indian Context why has no such event been able to pull off the same scale of success as we have been witnessing globally!

The Indian government promoted a virtual exhibition for The Indian Toy Fair with the amount of 18 crores. But, the platform doesn’t give value to its visitors & exhibitors. It doesn’t care about its visitors’ time. The user interface is terrible & doesn’t run smoothly.

However, on the other hand, we did our first virtual exhibition in October & we got a tremendous response from our visitors & exhibitors.
As we are always ready to help our exhibitors by offering them our expertise & constant support.

It is a digital era, where we must adapt technology to stand uniquely among the crowd. We give support to our exhibitors & partners so we can grow together.

Benefits of Virtual Exhibition with Us

Helping any business to participate easily with reduced fair
Take your business across the globe
Participate virtually with complete support

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